Journey Through Dementia

Journey Through Dementia

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Haircut, finally

The day at Atria actually went pretty well.  She was sitting outside the dining room when I got there and actually talking with someone.  We went into the dining room and sat down.  Pretty soon Margaret came in and sat with us, and soon Merlina joined us.  Merlina seems to have a special interest in my mother, knows her eating habits, and joked with her about not having dessert until she ate all her lunch.  Surprisingly, she at fruit and a taco, instead of the soup she has every day.  Her memory impaired a lot of the discussion at the table, but she seemed to have a good time and I enjoyed having lunch with all three women.

She had an appointment at 1 to have her hair cut.  She's been saying she didn't want to go ever since I made it.  Today she asked why she didn't know anything about it.  But I didn't give her a choice.  Her hair hasn't been washed in a month, at least, and was just so stringy. 

We got upstairs 15 minutes early, so we sat down at one of the puzzle tables to work a puzzle. She first said she didn't know how to do it, but she has been an avid puzzle do-er all of her life and soon she was looking for pieces and trying them.  We didn't stay long because of the appointment.  Again she resisted when I told her it was time to have her hair cut.

I left her with Lucy, the hairdresser, and she looked lost but Lucy told me to come back in an hour.

It was a new mother waiting for me.  Not only because her hair looked so good but because she was happily chatting with a normal person.  God, I wish she would get involved with other people.  She is so much better when she has some socialization around her.

I had taken before and after pictures so I could show her stepson...and post here.  I said something like "look how much better it looks" and showed her both pictures.  She said "look the same to looks different to you?  Well, if you say so."


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