Journey Through Dementia

Journey Through Dementia

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Sorta Perk

One of the perks, I guess, of dementia....

I've been concerned because she doesn't seem to be eating much.  She orders the same thing at every lunch -- fruit salad and vegetable soup (and then does not eat the vegetables, so she's really just having a cup of vegetable broth). 

We went to lunch and the entree was a hot turkey sandwich, which I ordered and my mother ordered a HALF of a bowl of vegetable soup, since a bowl (about a cup) was too much for her.  The waiter didn't hear her right and brought her half an order of the turkey sandwich, which she ate unquestioningly, not realizing he had brought the wrong thing.  So today, at least, she got a decent lunch, which she ate.

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