Journey Through Dementia

Journey Through Dementia

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Good Day

It was a relatively good day, as days go.  I brought her pills and some toothpaste (I noticed she was out), and I picked up her laundry.  We sat and had a visit and actually between discussion of the leaves on the trees and asking what I was doing exciting and telling me she was getting old, we had some conversation that covered new topics.

She is fixated on when Jeri will come back, which she started asking me the day after she left.  problem is I've always been able to give her a rough time when Jeri will visit next, but since she came out for our anniversary, she didn't come out in August, as she usually does, and since she & Phil are going with Ned and Marta to Jamaica at Christmas, she wont be here then either.  So I can't even give her a rough time of how long it will be before she sees her again, though she asked me about that several times yesterday.

But she was in good spirits today and not the limp dishrag she has been on recent past visits.  The hour I spent with her was more pleasant than usual.

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