Journey Through Dementia

Journey Through Dementia

Saturday, October 15, 2016


There was no walker in my mother's apartment today, so I'm not sure what the status of the walker is. 

I'm leaving he whole walker thing up to Atria.  I won't even mention the word "walker." She was wearing a blouse I have not seen her wear since she moved to Atria 3+ years ago. She has been living in three different blouses for the past 2 years at least, while her closet is filled with clothes she does not believe are hers.  So I'm not sure where this "new" blouse came from, but it was nice to see.
Her medication must be working because while she mentions pain, it's not nearly what it has been for the past month.  I think I'm going to cancel her physical therapy appointment for next week, depending on how it goes in the next few days.

It rained today and every time she looked out the window she wondered where the water on her patio came from, and each time she was surprised that it had rained.

Two of the aids came in to help her look for her keys which, apparently were lost again.  They were going to come back later, so I went in and checked her purse, which she keeps in a different drawer every time I look for it.  And they were there.  I really wonder if she takes her purse to meals or if she just puts the keys away in her purse.  It's a mystery.

I went through a big stack of mail that has been bothering her.  It's mostly junk mail but she doesn't want me to throw it away until she has "gone through it."  However, I did manage to let her let me throw away Xfinity ads for computer bundling (since she doesn't have a computer) and requests from a few charitable organizations for holiday donations.  The rest I told her I would take home to take care of, so we eliminate that stack that was bothering her.  That just left the rest of her house that is bothering her.

I'll tell ya, though, I'm sure glad we have health insurance.  Some of the things in the stack were notices from Kaiser about the bills they paid for her 2 hour trip to the Emergency Room last month. Kaiser has no ER in Davis and the nearest one is 20 miles away, so they OKd her treatment at the local hospital.  Her bill for the hospital portion came to more than $9,000 and there were 2 or 3 other bills, one for the doctor and probably one for the lab work so the total cost for 2 hours in the emergency room was about $10,000.  Her cost? a $50 co-pay.  It was a very graphic reminder that without health insurance, one trip to the emergency room could wipe you out completely.

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